Snowflake Christmas Pajamas Set
Snowflake Christmas Pajamas Set
Snowflake Christmas Pajamas Set
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Snowflake Christmas Pajamas Set

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Look amazing this Christmas with this matching family outfit! This stylish, casual set features a cute Christmas print and is made from soft material for maximum comfort. Treat your family to premium comfort with this cozy set of 2pcs sleepwear. Its high-quality, soft material provides a perfect balance of stylishness and relaxation.

Size Details:

Dad Size
Size: S, Bust: 104cm, Waist: 69cm, Top Length: 68.5cm, Pants Length: 101cm; Sleeve: 61cm
Size: M, Bust: 109cm, Waist: 74cm, Top Length: 70cm, Pants Length: 102.2cm; Sleeve: 62.2cm
Size: L, Bust: 114cm, Waist: 79cm, Top Length: 71.5cm, Pants Length: 103.4cm; Sleeve: 63.4cm
Size: XL, Bust: 119cm, Waist: 84cm, Top Length: 73cm, Pants Length: 104.6cm; Sleeve: 64.6cm
Size: 2XL, Bust: 124cm, Waist: 89cm, Top Length: 74.5cm, Pants Length: 105.8cm; Sleeve: 65.8cm
Size: 3XL, Bust: 129cm, Waist: 94cm, Top Length: 76cm, Pants Length: 107cm; Sleeve: 67cm
Mom Size
Size: S, Bust: 90cm, Waist: 63cm, Top Length: 59cm, Pants Length: 99.5cm; Sleeve: 60cm
Size: M, Bust: 95cm, Waist: 68cm, Top Length: 60.2cm, Pants Length: 100.7cm; Sleeve: 61cm
Size: L, Bust: 100cm, Waist: 73cm, Length: 61.4cm, Pants Length: 102.2cm; Sleeve: 62cm
Size: XL, Bust: 105cm, Waist: 78cm, Top Length: 62.6cm, Pants Length: 103.4cm; Sleeve: 63cm
Size: 2XL, Bust: 110cm, Waist: 83cm, Top Length: 63.8cm, Pants Length: 104.6cm; Sleeve: 64cm
Size: 3XL, Bust: 115cm, Waist: 88cm, Top Length: 65cm, Pants Length: 105.8cm; Sleeve: 65cm
Kids Size:
Size: 3-4T, Bust: 66cm, Waist: 45cm, Top Length: 44.5cm, Pants Length: 62cm; Sleeve: 40cm
Size: 5T, Bust: 70cm, Waist: 48cm, Top Length: 47.5cm, Pants Length: 65.5cm; Sleeve: 42cm
Size: 7T, Bust: 74cm, Waist: 51cm, Length: 50.5cm, Pants Length: 69cm; Sleeve: 44cm
Size: 9T, Bust: 78cm, Waist: 54cm, Top Length: 53.5cm, Pants Length: 72.5cm; Sleeve: 46cm
Size: 10T, Bust: 82cm, Waist: 57cm, Top Length: 56.5cm, Pants Length: 76cm; Sleeve: 48cm
Size: 11-12T, Bust: 86cm, Waist: 60cm, Top Length: 59.5cm, Pants Length: 79.5cm; Sleeve: 50cm
Baby Size
Size: 3M, Bust: 57.5cm, Length: 58cm, Sleeve: 28cm
Size: 6M, Bust: 60.5cm, Length: 61cm, Sleeve: 29cm
Size: 9M, Bust: 63.5cm, Length: 64cm, Sleeve: 30cm
Size: 12M, Bust: 66.5cm, Length: 67cm, Sleeve: 31cm
Size: 18-24M, Bust: 69.5cm, Length: 70cm, Sleeve: 32cm
Please refer to our size chart and choose the right size.
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